Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kedah The Champ..

Lastnyte was d finale of Malaysian Cup between Selangor and Kedah..Kedah won the match with 3-2 victory. Quit an interesting game for me and Selangor drizzled Kedah wall and manage to get their first goal early in the match. Kedah then equalize the score and make the Red Giant snap with another score late in the second half. Realizing that need to win the match, Selangor then double their attacking and manage to get a consolation goal by Safee Sali late in the second half period.

Another Gold For The Fastest Man On Earth-Usain Bolt

Kosmo Online,20.08

Edited By Silver Kurma

Bolt who recently won gold medal in 100M dash event is looking forward to double his victory by winning his second Olympic gold in 200M event.. I'm looking forward 2 watch the event,just imagine if he manage 2 complete d 100M dash within 9.69,would it be possible for him 2 set new world record in 200M below 19?? Nothing is impossible especially when Bolt had served himself with the dreams of all athletes 2 be d world's fastest man ever live,and d 200M had been his favorite event of all time. Michael Johnson previously had given credit to Bolt for his mesmerizing running and based on Michael Johnson observation,he is confident tat Bolt got more than what we had ever thought an athletes had.

Just witness d amazing achievement Bolt got with his young age. If we want 2 compare it with our young athletes, I think d gab is beyond d limit of expectation. Bolt physical appearance itself had placed him in his own category if we want to make a comparison between Bolt and our national athletes. Maybe Malaysia now should realize what it takes for an athletes to perform in the highest level of competition and what kind of criteria or form of training that must be taken into consideration.

Start now Malaysia,One silver doesn't shine brightly without any gold,Good Luck 2 all Malaysians future athletes 2012 and congrats 2 2008 Beijing Olympic athletes!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

9.69-New World 100m Dash

Usain Bolt-a spectular name for his performance in Beijing by breaking his own World 100M Dash Record!! Previously Bolt manage to set 9.72 and Bolt doesn't need much time to prove that he is one of the best athletes ever exist in athletic event as he manage to set d new bench mark for 100M Dash with 9.69. Beijing realy act as a platform of World's breaking records as in swimming itself had broke 6 World's Record recently!!
200M is just around the corner and Bolt had placed himself at the first place in the first round heat,or maybe Bolt got something up his sleeves? Will Bolt set a new World Record in 200 event? The 22 years old athletes really amazed me. I never assume Bolt with his age could list his name as one of sports 7 wonders!! But still he really need to think ahead to improve himself and redirecting his career to the highest level he could achieved.
Credit to Usain Bolt for the new World Record..

8 Last I Got D Chance 2 C My Mum n My Sis

hehe..dis is d precious moment of my life,d chance of seeing both d person tat i love d most..
lyk my sis noty pose,KhairuNisa Nabila a.k.a Baby is d name of mah sista n Tanio Galoh is mah mum name..Eventhough we only spent bout 2 hours 2getha but 4 me it's more than enuf.. Really mish them damn much!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic Beijing 2008

080808 in Chinese and the num 8 in Chinese terms means LUCK. Being host for the grand and prestige sport event in history means luck for China and the preparation for the event had been undergo for several years.
I had watched the opening ceremony and the sequence of the event goes smoothly without any failure of performance.
I really enjoyed the ceremony and sumtimes i smiirk alone when sum of the nations participate consists only bout 4 to 7 person that will be competing in certain events. But if u think back of these small amount contigent and if u were in the team, u must be proud of urself because u r the selected one that qualified to participate in the event.
So far,from the opening ceremony it reflect China are capable on hosting any major event and im looking forward 2 keep date on our country MALAYSIA performance in this event..

Kerana Mulut Badan Binasa

Kerana mulut badan binasa? Apa kaitan nya dengan kehidupan? Dun assume it as nothing,because this ethics is very vital in our life 2 earned others respect towards us. I am eager to sketch my feelings and translate it into dis BEAUTIFUL words due to my observation and my own experience of living with some of these people.

WHY must we take this quote and practise it in our life? D answer is tat our language that we use daily in converse, making jokes are differ. WHY is it so? It depends on type of people tat we are dealing with and d level of age or education of the people. If the people are much older than us,we must owes converse politely wit them,not jus simply talk and talk without realising tat we r dealing wit much older group.

I would like 2 take a situation tat me myself had experienced. Dis gurl were best describe as MULUT LANCANG and for me she is nil. i try 2 avoid being in a conversation with her but as i try 2 ignore her the more she made me irriatated. Huhu,she really challenged my patience and make really pissed off. She is nothing than a selfish gurl tat owes find others if she wan 2 ask for help and i am one of the victim as she asked me to become the MC for her event and after the event she praised me the top of the sky!! But then after several months,she started to make faces and in other words she started 2 MENGUMPAT bout others and i dun think tat i am not in d list. Haha..

And guess wat,i was thinking about doing a lil BLACK MAGIC towards her to make her realise tat her words sumtimes makes people suffer emotionally. But then,i dun think i gain anything from the action.

So now,I jus keep myself from the MULUT BAU LONGKANG girl coz she doesn't worth anything in dis world. Hope she is epy with her lifestyle and hope sumday she realise what life is about!!